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Josh Architects is a Seattle-based architecture and interior design firm combining a passion for craftsmanship with the design of smarter, refreshing custom homes for families looking to enrich life through a creative approach to design and construction. We are your concierge to design your home and your counsel to get it built.


Picture a client, an architect, and several builders meeting on a job site. Arms are crossed. Expressions pensive. Deep in conversation. The topic at hand is the tricky intersection of the top of a cabinet and a ceiling beam. No amount of talking or sketching can properly convey the problem or produce a solution. It’s a true pickle.

While the builders continue to talk, the architect spots a compound miter saw and some scrap molding. He walks over, crouches down, cuts out a couple pieces, and demonstrates exactly how the intersection works to the group. A solution is swiftly born. His liability insurance agent would cringe, but he cares more about effective communication and producing solutions.

Solve real problems - not fake ones. Design shouldn’t create new problems.
— Josh Brincko
Like hammers, saws, and drills, drawings are just a tool.
— Josh Brincko

Meet Our Team


Coming to the Pacific Northwest from the rust belt in Ohio, he brings a refreshing balance of practical directness and efficiency to the innovative, out-of-the-box thinking he has gained from working with many award winning architects over the past 15 years. He is also quite experienced doing construction and prefers working on a jobsite to being couped up at a desk since he excels in offering exciting and cost-saving feedback during construction meetings. He graduated with his bachelor's and master's degrees in architecture from Kent State University, and he also teaches college design courses where he preaches what he practices. He has won design awards in architecture and furniture design, and he can sort of speak Spanish and Italian. He can kind of surf too.


Also brought up in Ohio and graduating from Kent State University with a bachelor's in architecture, master's in architecture, and master's in business, Al is a well-rounded and very thorough member of the team. His experiences working on large-scale projects and living throughout the US as well as Italy, Peru, and Chile enable him to approach design with a unique world view, and his technical understanding of materials and design process make him a gift to have on any project. Al could also lift Josh over his head without even trying. He is currently on a sabbatical in South America getting certified in scuba and sailing.


She relocated to Seattle from Nevada where she had the unlucky opportunity to have Josh as her professor in several design courses. She excelled with her creative and technical skills and earned a position as an intern with Josh where she played a major role in designing a large project for the Salvation Army. She has also gained further experience designing high end hospitality projects before joining Josh again to focus on residential projects. Callie is, by far, the most professional member of the team, and Josh is hoping she will someday teach him to be just as professional.


You know those tasks you just can't motivate yourself to do? (The ones that just pile up and you hope a magic elf would finish for you.) This must mean Holley is an elf. She actually enjoys doing these things and does them better than anyone. She is a well rounded member of the team making sure everyone has what they need at all times. This includes marketing, keeping the books, tax reporting, form work, printing, photography, etc. You name it, and she has a part in it. She even does the things you didn't even know needed to be done. In her spare time, she's keeping her kids on track and shooting photographs. We are so lucky to have found Holley.


Helping her own family run their business has surely contributed to Ester's professionalism, attentiveness, and punctuality. She has a keen eye for design, quickly adapts to new design technologies, and is certainly excited for her internship with Josh PS. We are equally excited to have her as part of our team.


Consistent, reliable, and very experienced with construction drawings, drafting software, and CNC software, he makes everything easy - even when it is not easy at all. He is proud of his Cambodian heritage and relocated to Seattle from Southern California where he may have been a rapper. His previous experience with large scale project types is quite valuable in bringing big company organization to a boutique design firm. Reth can also catch more fish than you can without even trying and has perfected the art of cooking the bacon explosion.


She is on some other wavelength. Her creative capacity to see things that others cannot is her true talent which she pairs with her experience in web marketing, business development, and photography. She is a nifty balance between a computer nerd and a free spirit. This enables her to come up with an innovative plan and also put it into practice. She can distill technical information into a presentable format that anyone could understand. She has been the maid-of-honor in four different weddings. She also likes painting, running, and allowing Josh to be married to her.


Although he is not a direct member of the team, we wouldn't exist without him. Brian is the CPA that keeps us compliant. He taught Josh the difference between gross and net. After working with larger firms, he started his own company to help small businesses such as Josh PS. He is extremely well-versed in tax and business related matters, and he makes it easy for us to be in business.


He has been critical in helping our company grow from the beginning through his expertise in financial management, insurance, and business planning. He is a consultant that does not feel like one - he really does feel like part of our team. He's fun, easy going, and will beat you at golf.


This story is one of many involving architect, Josh Brincko, getting his hands dirty to get the job done – and done incredibly well. Creative solutions and fine details are his thing. The perfect material. A beautiful finish. Fine craftsmanship. Josh’s eye for details is unmatched and his ability to find solutions for the seemingly impossible is almost uncanny – both traits he receives frequent praise for.

I usually already have on my coat when I’m ready to leave because when I first arrive, I’m typically way too interested in what I’m doing to remember to take it off.
— Josh Brincko

Josh is passionate about and experienced with construction, furniture building and other hands-on trades. Drawing upon that experience, he bridges the gap between the theory of a drawing and the practicality of construction. He knows you’re in need of a nicely built project, and drawings are only one of the tools to help you get there. He thrives on a job site because this is where the planning process really comes to life – in the hands of the tradesmen who are experts in their craft. Able to speak their language and understand their process, he works carefully with the craftsmen to ensure the best possible solution is developed as it transitions from mere ideas on paper to extraordinary spaces.

I make my client’s problems my own problems. I make myself available to create solutions.
— Josh Brincko

On top of it all, he is able to accomplish tasks with high levels of quality in the same amount of time that would normally take a large team. It’s truly amazing. The man never stops. Outside of work, he is renovating his mid-century modern home, bakes bread, gardens and assists his pro photographer wife.

baking bread
I woke up at 5am every weekend for almost a year to help a friend build a cabin. I did that for fun.
— Josh Brincko