Here's some humbling comments from people we've worked with over the years:

Josh sees options that others do not! When we were putting in a basement apartment, Josh came up with a solution that totally surprised us and met absolutely every one of our needs. His ideas incorporated years of experience with a key understanding of our limitations on budget, space and time. I would definitely work with him again.
— Nathan Kaiser (Client, Owner of 2Bar Spirits)
Josh does a great job of balancing the creative with the functional - he’s got endless ideas but makes sure that your wishes and realities of your budget are kept in mind while creating spaces that are far superior to anything you might have dreamed up. Josh gets stuff done - he’s incredibly responsive and knowledgeable. Any time I needed his input or assistance, he appeared in a flash ready to answer my questions and help work through challenges that arose in a constructive fashion.
— Kevin Gemeroy (Client, Owner of Dynamic Computing)
Josh is prompt and able to quickly create conceptual images to facilitate design considerations. He resolved a setback issue with the clever use of a building detail that both enhanced the building’s design and its function.
— Robert Burns (Client, Owner of Envision Homes)
As a CPA and tax practitioner, I have worked with a number of builders and architects from a professional standpoint. Josh and I have worked together for a few years now, and he is a pleasure to work with and be around. Josh is very engaged in his business practice and obviously detail orientated. I tell him all the time that he is my best client as it relates to promptness, completeness, and overall engaged in the projects we work together on.
— Brian Dawson (CPA, Owner of The Dawson Group)
Josh is sensitive to budget concerns, and it is easy to work out design and construction issues with him.
— Karl Mayer (Client, Owner of US Starcraft Metal)
Josh’s construction experience allows him to design in a practical and efficient manner. He was able to quickly draw new design ideas onsite saving us time.
— Steven Hayman (Site Superintendent, Bender Custom Homes)
Josh doesn’t search for words. He says it like it is, and he can do it because he knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s good at what he does. I don’t understand how he does it: every time I ask him to draw something, he does some sort of computer sorcery and gives me an obvious solution MINUTES later saving me tons of time which saves my clients tons of money.
— Matt Karlstrom (Owner of Timberlines Construction)
Not bad.
— Josh's Dad

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