Who designs builders' homes? / by S. Joshua Brincko

mcneil entry
Josh doesn’t search for words. He says it like it is, and he can do it because he knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s good at what he does. I don’t understand how he does it: every time I ask him to draw something, he does some sort of computer sorcery and gives me an obvious solution MINUTES later saving me tons of time which saves my clients tons of money.
— Matt Karlstrom (Owner of Karlstrom-Built Construction)
Josh’s construction experience allows him to design in a practical and efficient manner. He was able to quickly draw new design ideas onsite saving us time.
— Steven Hayman (Site Superintendent, Bender Custom Homes)

Who designs builders' homes? Josh does. Every builder I have ever completed a project with has asked me to do design work for their own personal homes. 100% of the time. Why would this be the case? Builders know a ton of architects, so why do they all ask me? The answer is simple:

They see how I work on the other projects they build, and they see how efficient and effective I am at communicating the design solution.

They compare my ingenuity and creative process with other architects, and the choice is easy.

They also know I am fair, honest, and really flipping excited about designing cool stuff.

They know that when you hire Josh, you get Josh.

They know Josh answers his phone when they call - not a receptionist.

They know Josh isn't out doing sales calls - he's directly doing the work of designing and drawing the project.

They know Josh makes the clients' problems his own problems and doesn't sleep until problems are resolved.

They know Josh has solutions (plural) ready for the most challenging issues.

They know Josh will think of things that nobody else will.

They know Josh will tell them exactly what needs to get done and not do any extraneous work.

They know Josh will get it done right.

This is also why builders call Josh when the first architect gets fired from the project. Last year, Josh finished 7 projects as the replacement architect. Some of those architects were high profile architects.

There's something to be said for a young, excited architect with a desire to make every project a show piece regardless of the size or budget. Creativity can come from many places, and there's many ways to create inspiring spaces. I take the time to understand each situation, and I work very hard to make the biggest investment of your life a success while also making it fun and inspiring.

Read testimonials about Josh's work here: http://www.josharch.com/testimonials

Josh is prompt and able to quickly create conceptual images to facilitate design considerations. He resolved a setback issue with the clever use of a building detail that both enhanced the building’s design and its function.
— Robert Burns (Client, Owner of Envision Homes)