Sustainability Pledge / by S. Joshua Brincko

Insulated,  waterproofed, s ealed, insulated, insulated again, and taped wall.

Insulated, waterproofed, sealed, insulated, insulated again, and taped wall.

As a responsible architect, who is an expert in my field, I am making a pledge:

I promise to offer sustainable solutions on every project to allow my clients and their buildings to save resources and energy.
— Josh

Buildings use about 40% of all energy and make about 40% of all carbon emissions. As an architect, I have the most influence out of anyone to help diminish our impact. Why do I want to do this? I am a strong believer in doing things effectively and efficiently. A well-designed, sustainable building will help make living easier and less expensive by minimizing waste - just as I do in the way I operate my business and live my life. Up until now, I have tried to always keep initial construction costs low for my clients by allowing them to compromise design quality by choosing inferior construction methods and materials that may be less sustainable. As of now, I am only offering my expertise by suggesting sustainable design solutions, and I will not compromise the sustainability of any project due to budgetary concerns. I will, however, be willing to alter or reduce the scope of work to keep sustainable solutions as a requirement on all projects, so they fit within clients' budgets. I will never let it be my fault that a project is not sustainable, but I do understand that sustainable options may be more expensive up front and my clients may take it upon themselves to oppose my expertise and decide otherwise for their projects. This is their choice, but I will never support it. I will commit to offer sustainable solutions in every situation. I will be honored knowing that I have educated my clients on the sustainable options for their projects, and I will never insist otherwise.

If you are in the construction industry or if you are having something built, please join me in taking this pledge starting now.

If you are a client or potential client of mine, please realize I have your best interests in mind and want to save you money and provide you with a home that will keep you comfortable for the rest of your life. I am willing to work hard to educate you on your options, so you can understand the benefits of heeding my advice (or the consequences of not).  

This is my pledge.