Digital Seals and Signatures / by Josh Brincko

Dear Building Dept,

This page has been created this page to address your concerns regarding digital signatures. Please note that professional licenses, such as architects' and engineers' licenses are governed by the state, and administration of those requirements are under the jurisdiction of the state and not local governments. For several years, the state has allowed digital seals and signatures pursuant to the following provisions:

  1. RCW 18.43.70:
  2. WAC 196-23-070(2):
  3. WAC 308-12-081(3): 
  4. RCW 18.08.370 allows digital signatures and seals for architects per the requirements of:

This is not a complete list of all provisions governing the use of digital signatures, but thank you for your consideration in accepting digital signatures and seals pursuant to the ordinances enacted by our state law. I would also encourage you to consider reviewing plans electronically to save paper, and I would be happy to help you instigate this into your protocols.