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 Abygga Builders is a team of experts in the critical specialties of construction focusing their extensive experience on building the highest quality residential projects through careful collaboration surpassing the typical low accountability model between a greedy "desk contractor" and ill-informed subs.

Abygga Builders is a team of experts in the critical specialties of construction focusing their extensive experience on building the highest quality residential projects through careful collaboration surpassing the typical low accountability model between a greedy "desk contractor" and ill-informed subs.

Working smarter AND harder.

Abygga agrees and requires the following 5 pillars for all projects:

Pillar 1. All construction to be built with the best science possible:

  • No OSB. Always ply. 
  • No house wraps. Always liquid applied. 
  • No infiltration. Caulk and tape every seam and penetration. 
  • Always rain screen siding. 
  • No thermal transfers. Always multi layer siding. 
  • No forced air. Always radiant heat. 
  • No landscaping should ever touch a building. 

Pillar 2. All construction to be honest:

  • if it has wood grain, it is wood. 
  • If it looks like a beam, it actually supports weight. 
  • If it looks like stone, it is stone. 

Pillar 3. All design to respond to the surroundings:

  • Orient appropriately to maximize day lighting. 
  • Orient appropriately to capture views. 
  • Orient appropriately to maximize privacy. 
  • Building layout to create useful exterior rooms. 

Pillar 4. All design to be functional:

  • Spaces sized to perform appropriately. Nothing less. Nothing more. 
  • Materials selected because they perform appropriately. 
  • Spaces laid out for best possible relationships to one another and the exterior. 
  • Nothing is designed for aesthetic reasons. 
  • Different functional geometric forms should contrast in material and depth and never be coplanar. 

Pillar 5. Business to be conducted with the highest level of professionalism:

  • All design to be approved by the client prior to construction. 
  • Construction will only commence for any particular item once the client agrees to the cost of it. 
  • Construction will only commence for any particular item if the client agrees to the timeline of it. 
  • All decisions to be documented in writing. 
  • Changes to the design, budget, timeline, or as-built conditions to be made expediently, and compensated fairly. 
  • All clients and subcontractors agree to never compromise on quality when working with us. 

Our Team



Project Principal

Supervises project quality, ensures project is consistent with company standards, mitigates high level problems, organizes receipts for billing, communication with client, runs meetings (agenda/notes), manage contracts with subs, business development, new project acquisitions, public relations, tax reporting, coordinates bookkeeping, banking, insurance, compliance, HR, software and computer tech, marketing, web development


Josh began his career in residential construction and later became an award-winning licensed architect focusing on innovative high-end, residential architecture. He has worked on all project types and scales and prefers creatively planned, smaller homes with high attention to craftsmanship and exquisite details. His background in construction aligns his design approach with the practices on the job site.



Project Supervisor

On-Site superintendent to monitor quality, coordinate admin needs with PM, manage sub-contractors, manage employees on site, and coordinates inspections, delivery from suppliers, and materials to be ordered


Matt has experience in all aspects of construction enabling him to quickly troubleshoot the integrations between complicated systems such as plumbing, electrical, and mechanical, and their relationships to structural framing, waterproofing, and project cost. He also has a knack for coordinating project sequencing to ensure the steps in the construction process enable the most efficient and effective path to the solution preventing re-work and loss of time. He is a high-level craftsman with a no-compromise attitude resulting in work of only the highest quality



Project Engineer

Create sketches of daily construction plan, review shop drawings, monitor/track project schedule, monitor/track project cost, miscellaneous labor, supports principal duties. 


Shawn brings years of construction experience in all aspects of the building process and he later became a licensed electrician. His technical prowess enables him to figure out logistical nightmares in all different trades of construction. He has done it all before, and no problem is too challenging for him to creatively solve.



Lead Laborer

Construction labor, hauling, support for subs, supply runs, material and tool maintenance, purchase, and rental


Ken has an extensive background in residential construction with experience working through every phase of the building process. He finds nothing to be daunting. With a positive attitude, he puts his head down and works through the toughest challenges keeping the quality of the project as his ultimate goal.

At Abygga, we are artisans who build homes to the highest performance standards. We learn our clients' goals, we have the utmost care in helping our clients to achieve their goals, and our collective experience results in construction that exceeds all expectations. We do things that others do not. Why is that?

1. Simply because we are willing to do the right thing.

2. We are not afraid to attempt something that is perceived to be difficult.

3. We have the creative expertise and experience to solve problems in ways that others cannot.

Merge creative craftsmen with a skilled professionals - That is Abygga.



  1. What does Abygga mean?          Well, it's a made-up word, but it stems from the word "build" in Swedish (which is spelled "bygga"). We have a lot of respect for the legendary Swedish craftsmen who built many of the homes in the Seattle area when it was first settled. We also have trace amounts of Swedish in our blood. We put an "A" in front to stand for our "artisan" approach to the construction process.
  2. How do you bid for projects?          As custom residential builders focusing on quality above all else, we work on a "time-and-materials" basis. We find this to be very fair for everyone and commensurate with our construction process. Builders who provide "fixed fee" bids make a lot of assumptions on what things might cost, and they over-estimate to create a cushion in their numbers. This results in a winner and loser which we think is very unfair. We think work should cost exactly what it costs instead of what a project manager at a desk guesses it should cost a year in advance without the proper context of the as-built conditions on the job-site. We do estimates of our upcoming work using the information we have available at that time, and we keep our clients involved and informed of cost-related matters to encourage transparency in the time and materials it will actually take to build each item. Our clients have the maximum flexibility to make choices during construction instead of being tied down to the terms of a contract based on outdated plans. Other builders throw out low-ball "allowances" for each line item on a bid to result in seemingly low bids, but this inevitably leads to cost overruns. We don't play that game. Before we build something, we tell you what we think it should cost, and we keep you informed of all the costs along the way.
  3. How do we hire you as our builder?          It all starts with a conversation and some plans. We review them with you in person or over the phone to get a chance to know one another and become familiar with your project. Personality compatibility is the most important factor for us in working together. We need to make sure we all have the same goals and a positive demeanor because we will be your personal concierge during construction over a long period of time. Once we feel we have compatible personalities, we will do some rough estimating on your project. Since we cannot possibly know how many times our shovel will go into your soil or how many drill bits may need replaced during construction, we base our estimates off of our own experience with previous projects rather than trying to guess at so many unknowns. If our advice seems to be in the right ballpark, we dig a little deeper, sharpen our pencils, and we come up with a more precise construction plan to make our estimate a bit more refined. We still work on a time-and-material basis, but our estimate serves as a guideline to set a basic expectation with one another. At some point, we can only make certain assumptions, and we both have to commit to working together at the common goal of building the highest quality project within your expected budget. Please talk with our previous clients. They will all describe a very positive experience.
  4. What is the biggest difference between Abygga and other builders?          Honestly, it is our professional, no-compromise approach. We only build things to our own elite standard which we have set very high for ourselves. We take our projects home at night. We sleep on them. We arrive the next day with excitement. We are not just building a house. We are proud of our work, and we take ownership of it.